HRST, started in 2004 as a recruitment company, over the years we have spread our wings into the training arena, and now we will spread our wings further by launching our HRST Entrepreneurial Academy, Launching on the 23 August 2018.

The Academy, will welcome those who which to start a business of their own. The academy, with offer theory training, and with our partners mentoring and practical training. The mentors will offer guidance, and as a team, we will assist to developing your skills as an entrepreneur and to manage your own business. .

HRST Entrepreneurial Academy willl assist all entrepreneurs, however we will focus most especially on training women, youth and disabled learners to become entrepreneurs. With long standing partnerships with various large enterprises, HRST will also assist trained enterpreneurs to becoming suppliers of our clients. Our training will be accredited and credit bearing.

Training offered

  1. Customised curriculum and support services
  2. Practical training with our partners
  3. Mentoring and Coaching assistance
  4. Guest speakers (Successful Entrepreneurs)
  5. Creating a platform for upskilling
  6. Various stages of training (Dawn Programmes to Mid-night Programmes). Therefore, various programme lengths are offered from one-week – 18 months.

Mentorship and coaching

With commitment from our valued partners, there is also on –the- job training, shadowing, support and mentoring. This service is available during training, and post training This support will be invaluable post the Entrepreneurial Training Programs offered.