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AIM – Upselling for Service Managers
Really well presented. Very cheerful keeping our attention. Thanks JW!! Leer altyd iets nut!

LEAD CSI Intake 2016
Awesome training session and I’m looking forward to use these ideas at my work place. Thank you for your time.

Hyundai Product Training
There should be more training sessions in the future Really learnt a lot improved a lot on my product knowledge good techniques for my product customer approach.

Critical Dialogue
Excellent course. Well presented! Thank you.

I came in thinking I know what needs to be know, until I got to learn from them, now I can say I’m leaving with what needs to be known, and sure to bloom in my career with their help and yours as well. Thank you once again aunty Sharon for your kindness and this opportunity that you’ve given to all of us. Continue with your wonderful “calling”, I wanted to say job but you do it so good, that I believe it’s no longer a job to you. Thank you!

I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in the recruitment process from the bottom of my heart, I really and truly appreciate it. It is by God’s grace that I was selected as a candidate. It has truly been a humbling experience, I have learnt a great deal on this journey. I will do my utmost to show that the decision by management to afford me this opportunity, will be one that makes HRST shine even more...I would like to commend the three exceptional trainers, Wessel, Justin and Rian for the patience, vast knowledge and overall awesome training sessions, you guys rock"

M.P. Maotoanyone
I am looking forward to start my new job as a sales cadet to apply my knowledge and skills. I promise that I will be as valuable as I can and make sure that you will not regret the decision you’ve made. I really feel motivated and inspired, thank-you for the training even the trainers are best, because without them and the knowledge they brought to me I wouldn’t feel motivated. I really learned a lot and I acknowledge that. Thank-you once again for all your help and trust, you have shown in my capabilities. I intend to work in a proper manner and attitude.

I am grateful that you went the extra mile to recommend me to the company I am going to start my journey with. The journey I started at HRST began with assessment, went on to interview and those shortlisted [then] started training. I am yet to see great facilitators such as Wessel, Justin and Rian. They’re passion comes through effortlessly and they have equipped us mentally, physically and emotionally for the motor industry.

Lauren Balanganani
The words “Thank You” does not seem to be good enough to express how grateful and thankful I am to be given the opportunity to attend training for sales cadets. This me showing my gratitude to you. I would really like to thank you for believing in me, even when I had no experience in sales industry. I must say it really motivates me a lot and influences me to be the best person I can ever be. For me this is not just a job opportunity but through the knowledge I have acquired throughout the training programme, I now see it as a career opportunity and a chance to grow and be successful in the motor industry.